Black Market Glass

Currently we operate at the intersection of demand surpassing our ability to produce and our future goal’s are not to make the most, but the best quartz products on the market.  Making high quality and intricately engineered quartz products, with a wide variety and continuous prototyping.  Our availability is small and repeats can be far between.

Thank you, for the continued motivation to make something NEW!

Black Market Glass was first incorporated in 2011. We are a small team that focuses on delivering high quality handcrafted borosilicate & quartz products from the heart of the Pacific Northwest; Portland, Oregon.

Every product that comes from our facility is carefully inspected for quality control before being shipped to our customers. We are proud of what we do and for that we are excited to offer a level of customer service you can always find with small batch American made products.

Our belief is that with great design deserves high quality materials. This effects a number of decisions that we make when purchasing our raw materials. By choosing Simax tubing and rod which is graded as being of scientific quality; this guarantees our products clear, straight, and strong. We use the same hexagonal bases used to produce some of the highest quality scientific lab ware out there. Plus, the six points of the hexagon help  maintain superior balance of each piece. Lastly we use SCHOTT-DURAN® bistable ground joints; These are thicker to help prevent chipping or cracking.

We source our American decals from a company that has been producing high quality decals for scientific glass blowers for over 50 years. The decals we use are made using small batch screen printing techniques to ensure quality assurance. They’re fired on at 1000 degrees and will not scratch, burn, or dissolve off.

The artwork for the decals were a collaborative project with coloring book artist and jewelry designer John Wik. They are reminiscent of the Art Deco time period of the 1920’s.