Black Market Glass was first incorporated in 2011. We are a family operation that focuses on delivering high quality handcrafted borosilicate & various quartz products from the heart of the Pacific Northwest; Portland, Oregon.

Our goal is to bring the cannabis community a high quality and affordable production line of water pipes, glass/quartz accessories, and various intricately engineered quartz products that are designed with longevity in mind.

Our mainline is designed around practicality. We want to deliver a product to you which will be easy to clean; is durable, smooth, and eye pleasing. The decal artwork on the pieces are modeled after the art deco time period of the 1920’s and are a collaborative project with coloring book artist, jewelry designer, and generally interesting person John Wik. The decals are hand placed then fired and will not scratch, burn, or dissolve off.

Every product that comes from our facility is carefully inspected for quality control before being shipped to our customers. We are proud of what we do and for that we are excited to offer a level of customer service you can always find with small batch American made products.