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The GLOBSTOPPER is the first of our Quartz products to feature CENTRIPETAL FORCE. Unlike centrifugal force, centripetal force brings everything to the center & Base during rotation.  Because the rotation doesn’t rotate toward the walls (then up, and down the arm) we are able to cut a lot of the height needed for the Blender, Blurper, & Slurper to function properly.

Featuring checkered/design walls and bottom for additional surface contact. In summary, the 20MM LSD GLOBSTOPPER WEEKEND sets a new standard in quartz technology, functions and beauty. Read below for more Details

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Distinctive features that make the GLOBSTOPPER a standout choice: 20mm LSD weekend

Experience a groundbreaking leap in quartz technology with our latest creation, and our proprietary Limited Surface Depth Design the LSD GLOBSTOPPER. Setting itself apart as the pioneer in utilizing Centripetal Force. Along with tech to create more surface Area, this innovative quartz product promises to transform your dabbing sessions. Here’s why the GLOBSTOPPER LSD stands out:

Key Features:

V2 Upgrade – LSD Walls and bottom, Full LSD Design:

    • The latest version, V2, introduces the sandblasted LSD to entire unit, enhancing surface area contact like no other model on the market.
    • This upgrade not only increases vaporization but also elevates your dabbing sessions to new heights of intensity and flavor. Pushing new designs to create a wider range of this BMG LSD Tech into the future.
    • Beauty-This LSD feature is not only out of utility, but style. Combining both to create function and Form.

Centripetal Force Mastery:

    • The GLOBSTOPPER introduces an unprecedented feature – Centripetal Force, a game-changer in the world of dabbing.
    • Unlike centrifugal force, it adeptly draws concentrates to the center during rotation, optimizing the dabbing experience and minimizing loss. Maximizing heat in the base, rather then the walls of the unit.

            Height Efficiency:

    • Revolutionize your setup with a distinctive design that avoids rotation towards the walls.
    • The GLOBSTOPPER significantly reduces the required height for your Blender, Blurper, & Slurper, ensuring maximum functionality without unnecessary bulk. Utility and function.

Precision in Every Detail:

    • The 20mm GLOBSTOPPER LSD Weekend V2 showcases meticulous craftsmanship with 5 intakes and a Parbilt ground joint proudly manufactured in the USA. 15 Years of precision, offering superior quality.
    • Custom made wall weight, sizing, increased surface area tech, proprietary design features only available in BMG Products. Diligent inspection and creating of all of our units is a key detail in what we are passionate about.

WEEKEND Variation:

    • The WEEKEND model maintains a standardized height of approximately 37mm between the restriction and bottom.
    • Featuring a 6mm disk, it ensures consistent, reliable performance, with more heat base, making it perfect for your everyday dabbing rituals.

Recommended Accessories:

    • For the 20mm model, explore a range of spinner accessories in the 3mm-10mm range.
    • The 20mm Terp Titty is notably the ideal fit, and for those seeking to fit a cap, the top opening internal diameter is approx. 16mm.

Go More compact:

    • Looking to have the same function, but a more utilitarian design? Check out the 16MM Globstopper Weekend V2, designed for The Heavy Weights who want a sleeker, smaller model.
    • Looking to have the same function of LSD With Different Models? More base, Centrifugal or Centrapedial Options?  Check out our 24MM LSD Terpnado or 30MM LSD Terpnado

In summary, the GLOBSTOPPER LSD sets a new standard in quartz technology, functions and beauty. Combining innovation, efficiency, and precision to transform your dabbing sessions into a seamless and flavorful journey.



Joint Angle

45 Degree, 90 Degree


10mm, 14mm


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