GEN 2 BLENDER (15mm tall) (ART)


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complete the look

Our Second Generation Blender, features tons of upgrades from its two year predecessor The Blender.  


These features include:


Flared Top – Aside from a unique aesthetic, this top provides an easier way to place your cap on top and adds extra safety by protecting the bottom disk from cap drops. (debut to the market on our Turbine Silhouette)


Suppressor Intakes – This additional row of micro jets, placed directly below the arm, gives the rising oil a little push back down. Minimizing the amount of oil that will make it down the joint and into your piece.  (debut to the market on our Serenity Slurper) 


Extra Wall Thickness-  3mm to be exact. This style of quartz uses the walls as its vaporization zone (unlike a Banger or Globstopper that use the bottom ) so adding some extra mass to the work zone provides a longer, ideal temperature window. 


Joint Angle

45 Degree, 90 Degree


10mm, 14mm


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