GLOB-CĀNO V2 + Terp Sous Vide Package Combo

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Searching for that perfect temp dab❓ Precise Dabbing Instrument No more cool down times, no more burnt terps, no more chazzed bangers, no more butane! This is a Package Combo of The Terp Sous Vide TM, ($710) and the GlobCano V2! ($470) #terpsousvide Easy to use & Science approved. Pair your experience with the GLOB-CANO, An adaption of the GLOBSTOPPER. This Quartz Beauty has 5 intakes, a 16mm top, a 30mm bottom.  brilliant adaptation of the GLOBSTOPPER and the pioneer among our Quartz products to feature CENTRIPETAL FORCE. Auto spinner’ style of banger  It does a nice job of spinning a variation of pearls and pillars, and can take large dabs without sucking half of them down the neck due to a thoughtful and custom Design.

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This is a Package Combo of The TSV, Terp Sous Vide ($700) Package and the GlobCano V2 ($370)! Details below:

Precise Dabbing Instrument
Easy to use & Science approved
Searching for that perfect temp dab❓

Each TSV order comes with:

1 – TSV heating device – designed to work with your favorite functional glass art and quartz. Specifically to heat your banger or slurper to the perfect temp.

1 – Pipe Jack

1 – Non Slip Pad for underneath

1 – TSV moodmat for on top

No more cool down times, no more burnt terps, no more chazzed bangers, no more butane!

Welcome to the fam.

Unleash the Power of Quartz Innovation with the GLOB-CANO

Embark on a revolutionary experience with the GLOB-CANO, a brilliant adaptation of the GLOBSTOPPER and the pioneer among our Quartz products to feature CENTRIPETAL FORCE. This unique rotation pattern eliminates the need for excess height, allowing us to optimize the functionality of accessories like the Blender, Blurper, & Slurper without sacrificing performance. Explore our wider cap and marble topper compatible option in The Time Machine or indulge in colossal dabs with Globsuvius 37MM. Innovation, efficiency, and precision in every detail.


Key Features:

Centripetal Force Mastery:

  • The GLOB-CANO introduces a groundbreaking feature – Centripetal Force, a game-changer in the world of dabbing.
  • Unlike centrifugal force, it adeptly draws concentrates to the center during rotation, optimizing the dabbing experience and minimizing loss. It maximizes heat in the base, rather than the walls of the unit.

Height Efficiency:

  • Revolutionize your setup with a distinctive design that avoids rotation towards the walls.
  • The GLOB-CANO significantly reduces the required height for your Blender, Blurper, & Slurper, ensuring maximum functionality without unnecessary bulk. Utility and function.

Precision in Every Detail:

  • The GLOB-CANO showcases meticulous craftsmanship with 5 intakes and a Parbilt ground joint proudly manufactured in the USA. With 15 years of precision, this joint is costly but offers superior quality.
  • Custom made wall weight, sizing, increased surface area tech, proprietary design features only available in BMG Products. Diligent inspection and creation of all our units is a key detail in what we are passionate about.

V2 Upgrade – LSD Bottom:

  • The latest version, V2, introduces the sandblasted LSD Bottom, enhancing surface area contact.
  • This upgrade not only increases vaporization but also elevates your dabbing sessions to new heights of intensity and flavor. Pushing new designs to create a wider range of this BMG LSD Tech into the future.

Recommended Accessories:

  • For this model, explore a range of spinner accessories in the 3mm-10mm range.
  • internal diameter is approx. 16mm, Base is 30mm. marbles, mibs, toppers and caps seem to be the best accessories for this model.

Upgrade for Bigger Dabs:

  • Elevate your dabbing adventures with the The Time Machine, offering a wider top, and even surface area for bigger dabs, looking for a heavy hitter? Try our Globsuvius 37MM
  • Looking for a more utilitarian design? Check out the TerpCano . In summary, the GLOB-CANO sets yet another new standard in quartz technology, combining innovation, efficiency, and precision to transform your dabbing sessions into a seamless and flavorful journey with variance you can calibrate with precision with all of our models available.
Joint Angle

45 Degree, 90 Degree


10mm, 14mm


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