Sapphire Insert 18.5×19 (for 24-25mm bangers)


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From D-NAIL, the people who first brought you sapphire inserts, we are proud to bring you more.

Made from pure monocrystalline optical grade sapphire, and highy polished.

For the initial launch, we opted against risking weakening them with engraving, but are considering aesthetic options; Function is paramount.


  • Smooth tapers at every edge to prevent chipping or scratching.
  • As wide of an upper bevel as we can manage to minimize deflection of downward airflow (and augment rotational energy).
  • Subtle taper from wall to dish, mainly for ease of cleaning, but a slight improvement both to surface area and general fluid dynamics.
  • We tried to balance the mass for warmup and retention times- a solid, 3.5mm thick base and 2.5mm thick walls are where we landed.
  • Comptatible with 4-5mm spheres.

This is a ‘by popular request’ release, designed as well as we can think, and priced as fairly as we can.


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