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Suppressed slurpzilla 47MM-This Epic and unique Supressed Slurper comes with custom fabricated +5mm thick walls, adding extra heat retention, and a totally unique look. It also has 5 micro jets below the arm, a beveled valve rest, and 5 intakes at the bottom.

The Suppressed Slurpzilla is a one of a kind unit for those GIANT DABS. Accessories to Pair with this Quartz Caps and Tops, Spinner and Pearls, Blossom Glass

complete the look

Supressed Slurpzilla 47MM– Welcome to our Super Size Suppressed Slurper! Crafted with precision, this remarkable piece features custom-fabricated +5mm thick walls for optimal heat retention and a distinctive look. The Suppressed Slurpzilla boasts 5 micro jets below the arm, a beveled valve rest, and 5 intakes at the bottom, delivering a comprehensive and high-performance dabbing experience.

For those seeking extended heat retention, the Suppressed Slurpzilla ensures days of uninterrupted dabbing pleasure. If you prefer a hassle-free experience without accessories and want to save on butane, explore the efficiency of the Serenity Slurper. Elevate your dabbing ritual with our exceptional offerings. IF YOU ARE A HEAT RETENTION SEEKER YOU DONT HAVE TO LOOK ANY FURTHER

  • The SUPPRESSED SLURPZILLA introduces Centrifugal Force, redefining the world of dabbing with innovative WALL HEAT technology.
  • Centrifugal energy, harnessed from the center, pushes to the walls, creating unique effects in design and functionality.
  • Precision in Every Detail:
    • Thoughtfully crafted SUPPRESSED SLURPZILLA features a ‘tapered’ top for aesthetics and functionality, providing easy cap placement and added safety.
    • Proudly manufactured in the USA, featuring a Parbilt ground joint, 15 years of precision, and custom-made wall weight and sizing.
    • Proprietary design features unique to BMG Products ensure superior quality.
  • Suppressor Intakes:
    • Slurpzilla features 5 micro jets below the arm, a beveled valve rest, 5 intakes at the bottom, forming part of an exclusive series of 6.
  • Extra Wall Thickness:
    • With a CRAZY additional 5mm thickness, our quartz vaporizes on the walls, extending the ideal temperature window compared to traditional models, FOR LARGER DABS.
  • Bottom Etched LSD Dish:
    • Sandblasted LSD Bottom Dish for enhanced surface area contact, intensifying vaporization and flavor.
    • Pushing new designs forward, this upgrade sets the stage for the future of BMG LSD Tech.
  • Recommended Accessories:
    • Explore 5-6mm spinners or pearls Accessories for optimal performance.
    • Ideal top marble range: 14mm-18mm. Check out Kevin Murray toppers (16-18MM).
    • Any Accessories by Blossom Glass will be compatible
  • Different Models?
    • Looking for something Similar? Check out Serene Slurper
    • Looking for more Beast Mode? check out  Slurpzilla  
    • Looking to save a little butane and not worry about accessories? Check out  Serenity Slurper


Embark on an elevated dabbing experience with the extraordinary Suppressed Slurpzilla. This unique variant introduces heightened stature, extra thicc walls- increased wall weight, enhanced airflow, and amplified surface depth, promising a refined and distinctive and capable session. Immerse yourself in the artistry of dish loading with the Suppressed Slurpzilla. Redefines and elevates the sizing and flavor in your Journey. THIS WILL KEEP YOU DABBING FOR DAYS!! 

Joint Angle

45 Degree, 90 Degree


10mm, 14mm


32MM, 47MM


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